Take Food Photos like a Food Photographer with Iphone

Food photography is the art of photography that makes food the main object. The food that is used as a photo object also varies, from heavy food, dessert, cookies, to beverage.

If you want to become a Food Photographer or food photographer, there are many things you need to prepare. But take it easy, to start with, you can use the smartphone you have now, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera.

One smartphone that has good camera features is the Iphone. So, this time Kelas.work will discuss food photography, and tips on taking aesthetic food photos using an iPhone. Read this article until it’s finished!

Can you do Food Photography with an Iphone?

Can the iPhone be used for food photography? Of course, I can. The iPhone is known to have a good and sharp camera compared to other brands, which is very suitable to be used as a tool for photographing food.

So, how do you take pictures of food using your iPhone? Here are some tips and explanations.

8 Food Photography Tips with Iphone

There are 8 tips that you can try to do food photography using the Iphone. Starting from setting exposure, using night mode F, to utilizing the color elements of each object that is photographed.

Set Iphone Camera Exposure

The exposure feature is useful for adjusting whether or not the light is right before you photograph food. Adjust the exposure on your iPhone camera so that your food photos look cute!

Besides that, adjusting the exposure on the iPhone camera can also help your food photos be of higher quality. So, it is suitable for uploading to social media or other platforms.

Activate Night Mode On Iphone

Take advantage of night mode if your room is low light. In food photography, lightning is very important. The night mode feature on the Iphone camera can help produce better food photos even in low light conditions.

Take advantage of Natural Light from Nature

Food photography will be much more stunning if you use an Iphone camera with natural light from nature. This is because the color tone of the Iphone camera adjusts to the temperature and light of the room.

Apart from that, you can also use a natural background from nature. So, the results of food photos from your iPhone camera will be more lively and interesting.

Set Shadow of Each Light

When doing food photography using an Iphone camera, you need to set HDR (High Dynamic Range) according to your wishes and needs. This is done so that the results of your food photos are clear, clear and stable.

Note the Color of Each Element

The color composition will greatly determine whether or not the food looks fresh in the photo. You can choose a plain background to highlight the color of the food object you are photographing.

On the Iphone camera feature you can take advantage of the HDR feature or effects that you can adjust. This is good for you so you can combine colors and food to make it more interesting.

Take Pictures with the Best Angle

Angle is an important component that needs to be considered when photographing an object. Try experimenting to determine the right angle, when capturing food using an Iphone.

You can take pictures of various food objects from various angles, from the top, right side, left side, to level with the Iphone camera. This is useful for determining which angle is the most suitable for the results.

Let the Body Parts Get Involved

When you take food photos, you need to involve body parts such as the wrist. When using an Iphone camera, you can change the distance of the camera view a little further.

So, when you do it you can take photos by including your body. The results of the photo also more attractive if there are parts of your body involved.

Make It Look Simple

Keep it simple! Don’t use a background that is too busy, don’t also take pictures of objects with lots of supporting properties around them. Use simple properties and just enough.

Remember, in food photography, what you have to emphasize is the food object being photographed. Don’t overdo the property, it will make the object unclear.

Enrich the Desired Color With the Editing

To beautify the picture after it is taken, you also need to edit it with a photo editing application. This process is useful for fixing any aspects that are still lacking from the food object that you photograph using the Iphone.

There are many editing applications that you can use to edit photos, both on smartphones and laptops. One that you can use is Adobe Lightroom. In this application there are many presets that will beautify your photos.

Additional Tools for Taking Food Photos with Iphone

If you want better food photos, of course the Iphone camera is not enough. It’s good that you need additional tools, such as a flashlight, background and, tripod. These tools will support the food shooting process in order to obtain maximum results.

  • Use Tripods

Iphone cameras also require fairly good stability in photographing food. You can use a tripod to reduce shake when shooting food.

This will make the resulting food photos proportional. In addition, having a tripod reduces your burden on supporting the camera.

  • Use Portable Flashlight

This Iphone camera may be somewhat minimal in getting lighting. Therefore, if you have an additional budget, a portable flashlight can be an option.

A portable flashlight helps provide additional light when food is being photographed. This will be very useful if you are photographing food using an Iphone camera in low light environmental conditions.

  • Install a Solid Background

Using a solid background will make objects more visible when photographed using an Iphone. One of the tips is to choose colors that give a calm impression, such as Tosca green, navy blue, white, and pastel yellow.

So, after knowing some tips for doing food photography, now is the time for you to try it yourself with the iPhone 14 pro. Do the tips and tricks above with an Iphone smartphone or with whatever brand you have.

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