How To Find Colours That Suit You


Jan 26, 2023

Finding the colours that suit you best can really transform your style. Knowing the best colours that will bring out the natural undertones of your skin, eyes and hair can really improve your outfits. Have you ever wondered why celebrities always look so stylish? It’s because they have stylists on hand to know what styles, fits and colours suit them the best. However, this is easy to find out without a stylist – by the end of this article, you will know exactly how to find which colours make you look amazing.

Dress For The Occasion

Colour schemes within clothes are often seasonal. For example, if you need going out dresses for Christmas parties, there are often a couple of particular colours that are popular and look the best that season. However, there are different shades of the colour, and there will always be a certain shade that suits you. Red is a popular colour for Christmas party dresses. Darker skin looks amazing with deep reds with blue undertones, like berries and wine. Fairer, pink undertone skin looks really good with reds that use blue and purple as a base, often cooler in tone.

Look At Your Jewellery

The type of jewellery that looks the best on your skin often reveals which colours look best on you. If you really suit silver jewellery, you probably have a cooler skin tone. You will probably look really good in jewel tones and sea shades. If gold jewellery looks really amazing on you, the chances are that you have a warmer skin tone. Earth tones will look really good on you, such as deep greens, oranges and taupe. However, some people suit both gold and silver jewellery and have what is known as neutral undertones- you will look good in almost every colour, but you should be careful around really bright colours, which can wash you out.

Look At Your Existing Wardrobe

You might already be more clued into what colours suit you best than you think. Take a long look at your existing wardrobe and pay attention to the colours that pop up most frequently. If you favour more black and white clothes, you could have picked up on the fact that you are cooler toned. If your clothes tend to be more neutral, such as browns, you could subconsciously know that you have warmer toned skin.


The only way you will find out what colours really suit you is to go out shopping and try on as many colours you can possibly find. Try on lots of different festival outfits, which are often experimental, and use a lot of bright, intense colours. This way you will be able to have fun and experiment with seeing what colours look best on you. However, when in doubt, there are a few colours that look good on everybody- they are known as universal colours. True red, teal and dark purple often suit everybody of every skin tone and skin colour. Finding your best colours is an amazing way to increase your confidence when it comes to your style, and ensure you always look fantastic.

By Piszz